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Jackson denies anything happened. Believe him or Shaun Smith?

So the Bengals refused comment on Shaun Smith's little speech. Hue Jackson then declined that anything happened.

"Chad Johnson never hit Marvin Lewis. Chad Johnson never hit me. Chad Johnson never put anybody in a headlock. Chad Johnson was very emotional at halftime of that game. The true story to all that was Chad had an IV in his arm and me, and him were talking about plans for the second half and he got emotional because he said, 'Hey, coach, without Carson (Palmer) I'm not going to be able to get the ball.'

"And that's what it was and I told him, `Well, then you need to tell (offensive coordinator) Coach Bratkowski that.' And he ripped the IV out of his arm, and it's like anything else, you see blood coming out of a person's arm people think the worst. And he went from there to go into the locker room to let Coach Lewis know that, 'Hey, look, I want the ball.' And that was it. And when he opened the door he stumbled out of the training room so he was flailing and people think that he was swinging on people. Chad wasn't swinging on anybody. Chad would not hit Marvin Lewis, and Chad sure would not hit me. So that is not what happened and I'm very disappointed that now, even after two years, we have to discuss this again. But that is exactly what happened."

So who do you believe? Shaun Smith? Hue Jackson?