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Bengals sign Darryl Blackstock to one-year deal

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On Monday, the Bengals signed former Arizona Cardinals linebacker -- a restricted free agent -- Darryl Blackstock to a one-year minimum deal worth $520,000 and a $40,000 signing bonus, writes Mark Curnutte. Blackstock is in the Tab Perry situation -- restricted free agent not given a qualifying offer. Blackstock is a former teammate of Ahmad Brooks at Virginia.

Scouts Inc. says of Blackstock.

Comment: Blackstock is aggressive and explosive. He has an excellent first step and initial burst. He displays good overall quickness and play speed. He can blow up ball carriers. He can be devastating when moving forward and attacking downhill. But Blackstock isn't very agile, mature or prepared for a 4-3 scheme. He needs to become a better worker, especially because he has so many adjustments to make from his playing style as a college 3-4 linebacker. He is accustomed to being an upfield player. He looks a little stiff when playing in reverse. He must improve his instincts, particularly in coverage. He can be a step late to react and loses leverage on ball carriers.

Could this be that needle-in-a-haystack signing? Blackstock's best season was last season with career highs in tackles (21) and sacks (3).

The Bengals currently have eight linebackers signed for 2008 -- two of which are Odell Thurman and David Pollack. Along with defensive line, I would expect the Bengals to look for a linebacker in the early rounds of the NFL draft.