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Where and whom are the Bengals coaches on Pro Day?

The following is a very basic list devised mostly from assumptions coming from various sources. This is NOT an official list. Assuming coaches like Bob Bratkowski and Mike Zimmer are scouting all positions at their respective units (offense, defense). Also assuming that Marvin Lewis could be scouting everyone.

We will keep this list rolling and stationary on the Interest Stories section. If there's anyone I miss, add them in the comments section so we can update the list.

School Date Coach Players Scouted*
Notre Dame March 19 Jay Hayes (?) Trevor Laws (DL)
Florida March 18 Mike Zimmer Derrick Harvey (DE)
Dayton March 14 Louie Cioffi Kevin Hoyng (QB/FS)
Tennessee March 13 Jonathan Hayes Brad Cottam (TE)
Oklahoma St. March 12 Mike Sheppard Adarius Bowman (WR)
Michigan State March 12 Jonathan Hayes Kellen Davis (TE)
BYU March 12 Jeff FitzGerald Bryant Kehl (OLB)
      Kelly Poppinga (OLB)
Cincinnati March 12 Kevin Coyle Haruki Nakamura (DB)
Cal March 11 Bob Bratkowski Thomas DeCoud (WR)
      Justin Forsett (RB)
      Mike Gibson (OL)
      LaVelle Hawkins (WR)
      DeSean Jackson (WR)
      Craig Stevens (TE)
Auburn March 10 Marvin Lewis Quentin Groves (DE/OLB)
      Patrick Lee (CB)
      Pat Sims (DL)
      King Dunlap (OL)
      Carl Stewart (RB)
      Jonathan Wilhite (CB)
Ohio State March 7 Marvin Lewis Vernon Gholston (DE/OLB)
      Kirk Barton (OL)
      Larry Grant (LB)
Purdue March 7 Eight coaches including Zimmer, Fitzgerald and Hayes Cliff Avril (DL/OLB)
      Dorian Bryant (WR)
      Stanford Keglar (LB)
      Dustin Keller (TE)
Indiana March 5 Unknown/Unconfirmed James Hardy (TE)
      Tracy Porter (CB)
      Leslie Majors (CB)

This is far from any official list.

* Assuming.

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