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Could Ryan Fitzpatrick sign with Green Bay?

On February 28, the Bengals offered a one-year tender for restricted free agent, Ryan Fitzpatrick. The backup quarterback has until April 19 to sign the tender.

Why is this noteworthy? Teams around the league are always looking for a serviceable backup. The past few seasons, the Bengals have had Palmer backing up Jon Kitna. Kitna backing up Palmer. Recently, Anthony Wright and Fitzpatrick backed up Palmer. Most fans felt comfortable with the team's back ups in recent years -- mostly during the Marvin Lewis tenure.

The Packers could be one team looking at Fitzpatrick for the job. If Green Bay signs Fitzpatrick to an offer sheet, and the Bengals do not match (which I think they could try at least), then the Bengals get a seventh-round as compensation (where he was drafted since the tender was a lowest offer).

Green Bay has quarterbacks Aaron Rodgers, Craig Nall, Jerry Babb and Dalton Bell signed to their roster.

(Note: there is no word that the Packers are going after Fitzpatrick. Just a possibility.)