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Bengals working on getting Ben Utecht in for a visit

The Bengals are working on getting Colts tight end, Ben Utecht, lined up for a visit in town, writes Mark Curnutte. Utecht's agent, Christopher Murray, confirmed that discussions for a visit, but no date has been established. Utecht, an undrafted free agent from the University of Minnesota, has played four seasons with the Indianapolis Colts catching 71 passes for 800 yards and three touchdowns.

The Bengals have four tight ends under contract for 2008; Reggie Kelly, Daniel Coats, Nate Lawrie and Brad St. Louis. While St. Louis is only listed as a tight end for the purposes of placing him somewhere on the roster page, his only playing time is long snapper. Kelly, widely considered the league's best blocking tight end, is the only active tight end signed through 2009.

Today (Sunday) the Bengals are hosting Antwan Odom and Marlon McCree.