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Your baseball fill

I can't speak about the retarded "hair rule" that prompted a feature about T.J. Houshmandzadeh and Domata Peko's hair on Really. We'll be firing the guns for draft coverage soon enough. Note: We're in the process of conducting the Sports Blog Nation mock draft and will need your help. The draft will be conducted here.

Today is one of the biggest days, if not the biggest, in Cincinnati sports every year. It's when parents let their kids out of school. It's when Cincinnati's economy stalls because people like you and I make up wild excuses to get out of work. There's a parade and rally.

At ten minutes past two, Aaron Harang will fire the first pitch of the season for the Cincinnati Reds. That said, this will be the last generic baseball post for the year. So there. That's our baseball fill.

Interesting insight on Bengals' strength and conditioning coach, Chip Morton.

But teams do like to spice things up and/or provide unconventional twists to traditional exercises.

The Buccaneers, for example, like to use sandbags instead of barbells for conventional exercises such as squats and power cleans. Shultz picked that up in Cincinnati when he worked under Chip Morton, the Bengals' well-respected strength and conditioning coach.

"It really helps with grip strength, which is a vital part of playing football," Shultz said. "There are no handles, so a guy has to grab on to a sandbag that weighs up to 150 pounds, lift it and maintain stability."

The Bengals also like to mix things up. For example, Morton teaches players how to use something called a Russian Kettlebell. It's basically a heavy metal ball with a thick handle on it. And if you believe, the United States encountered an "invasion" of these things 10 years ago.

Bengals could use a history lesson [Ludwig's blog]

Wide receiver draft prospect, Jerome Simpson, worked out for Bengals wide receiver coach Mike Sheppard. Didn't do so well.

Sam Wyche is running for Pickens County Council.

Was Mike Brown a visionary this whole time?