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Dewayne Robertson trade is dead... or is it? Maybe. Perhaps. Not really.

Alright, someone is playing us. Someone. Mark Curnutte reports, earlier in the week, that the trade for Dewayne Robertson fell through. The team, rightly so, wanted to rework Robertson's contract. Robertson was due "$18.8 million over the next two seasons". The defensive tackle even consented. So the team and Hadley Engelhand (Robertson's agent) went into negotiations. Even heard the term "close". However, close wasn't that close as negotiations broke off Monday night.

Marvin Lewis -- that spinner -- even said, when asked if the deal for Robertson appeared dead, "I wouldn't say that. You know, I don't think that would be true at all".

"I guess you see why we don't say too much about things until they're done," Lewis said of the Bengals' secretive ways. "The only thing I'll say is that neither one of those things had to do with dollars and cents. It had nothing to do with money. ... There are a lot of variables.

"They were kind of running on parallel tracks, basically. At the same time we had Antwan set to come in. We were running on parallel tracks (to) see what happens and how things fit together. There is still some flexibility if things fall into place."

Is someone close to the team reading this blog?