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Let's Talk About Chad Johnson

Now that Shaun Smith is making public on what we already "knew" -- or thought we knew -- I realized that we haven't talked about Chad Johnson for a long time. He's not pleased, I'm sure. Most of us are simply happy not to talk about Chad. I'm bringing it up today.

If what Shaun Smith said is true, and Chad Johnson clocked Marvin Lewis in the eye, then I have serious reservations. We heard that Chad Johnson went after Lewis when the head coach attempted to stop a fight between then wide receivers coach, Hue Jackson. A punch was thrown. Though we already knew this, it was never confirmed publicly from someone in the lockerroom. We also assume that Marvin Lewis allows some anarchy in his lockerroom. But no manager would ever put up with a black eye. Even so, this challenged Johnson's assertion that the team doesn't have his back even though they kept this as far from public as possible.

I'm also not convinced that Shaun Smith isn't relaying the agenda from Johnson or if he's simply adding fuel for a Browns/Bengals rivalry. Shaun did give us a little nugget that T.J. Houshmandzadeh is close to a contract extension admitting that he and T.J. are still friends. T.J. and Chad are great friends. Was something asked of Smith, through T.J., for Chad? Now I'm being silly. I know. But I question Smith's motivation. Perhaps he was just chatting at the podium not realizing what he said would create some fervor on the "net".

The inmates are running the asylum. Chad Johnson and T.J. Houshmandzadeh are trying to run the team. Both receivers shout at Carson Palmer, even speaking down to him. These are rumors that have been reported from anonymous sources.

If Chad Johnson is to be traded, the team still isn't making it known. Marvin Lewis reaffirmed, at least twice, that Johnson won't be traded. The Bengals haven't made any attempt at picking up a free agent wide receiver.

The front office could come around and trade Johnson on draft day -- which seems the most likely scenario if a trade happens -- adding to a draft total that could be as high as 11 picks. A high selection would give the Bengals a chance at drafting, not just a receiver, but a starting receiver. And no, I don't believe Chris Henry should be the team's starting receiver -- in any given scenario.