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UPDATE: Landon Johnson is a Carolina Panther

Cat Scratch Reader, Carolina Panthers blog, picked up the story.

UPDATE II: Johnson's three-year deal with Carolina is reportedly worth $10 million. The good thing about losing all three free agents is that the team could very well have a high number of compensatory picks for the 2009 NFL Draft. Picks, picks, picks. If there's a way to set yourself up for rebuilding the team, this is it. Well, that is if we can draft guys that will stay on the team.

UPDATE: Landon Johnson agreed to terms on a three-year deal with the Carolina Panthers, Mark Curnutte writes.

Mark Curnutte reports that a Landon Johnson signing could be as soon as early Friday. Johnson did receive a contract offer from the Carolina Panthers, which the Bengals matched. The Bengals let Landon test the free agency market in, what I believe, an attempt to gauge Johnson's true value. Curnutte also mentions that a third team is believed to be in the mix, but it's unknown who. Perhaps an agent adding a team here and there to further increase the bidding war for Johnson.

Re-signing Johnson would add stability to the Bengals linebacker crew. As of now, the likely starters signed and eligible to play would be Ahmad Brooks, Dhani Jones and Jim Maxwell.