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Will Rudi Johnson refire his career in 2008?

I know I'm in the minority with Bengals fans on this one. But I am interested to see how Rudi Johnson responds to last season's depressing degradation. Since Rudi Johnson became the feature back in 2003, the running back scored career lows last season in games played (11), attempts (170), yards rushing (497), average yards per rush (2.9), touchdowns (3) and receptions (13).

Note: No, we're not including 2002 or 2001 because he didn't play running back. He was mostly a special teams guy -- if he played at all.

The degradation, some argue (including me), started when Rudi Johnson undertook a physical retooling project dropping mass to improve on quickness and speed. Instead, included with an offensive line that's struggled with rush blocking last season, Johnson lost so much production that many (including me) that he was washed up. Over.

Rudi Johnson seems hungry preparing for another physical retooling project to get back to his 2005 body. Though, it could be too late. However, you have to admit, if Rudi rebounds and puts on mass, remaining healthy, he's the best back on this team. Hands down.

But, we'll see.

Since we're squabbling with speculation and assumptions, let's check out Rudi's crib.