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UPDATE: Center Alex Stepanovich signs with the Atlanta Falcons

UPDATE: Falcons sign Alex Stepanovich.

The Bengals are really not expected to re-sign center Alex Stepanovich -- after all, it's telling when Eric Ghiaciuc struggled against big guys and the team didn't feel confident enough to put in Stepanovich. The former Bengals and Arizona Cardinals center visited Atlanta on Friday.

Stepanovich's departure would likely mean several things. One of which frees up a spot for that position suggesting the Bengals go after another center in the draft. That Dan Santucci would become the team's backup center if Ghiaciuc remains the starter. Santucci was originally waived before last season's first regular season game. After signing on with the Indianapolis Colts practice squad a day later, the Bengals signed Santucci from the Colts four days later. I know, I know. Why waive a guy one day only to sign him off another team's practice squad less than five days later. Aye.

Kyle Cook, the team's third center, was signed from the practice squad to the off-season roster when the 2007 season completed.