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Lewis, again, reiterates that Chad Johnson is going nowhere

Marvin Lewis spoke. While you sat on the edge of your seat for some Chad Johnson fodder, you'll note that most of what he said was status quo. There were some interesting comments.

"Unfortunately Chad put himself in that situation," Lewis said. "A lot of people who really had an affection for him fan-wise and people around the league see him in a different light and that's unfortunate. Some of the things he's gone on record and said one way or the other he's going to have to deal with them one way or the other."

There's always been a group of fans that haven't really cared for Chad. Mostly his antics, but some have questioned his abilities as a receiver -- i.e., take away the deep ball and what do you have? During that time, I've defended Chad -- his antics, his celebrations, his jawing, his mid-week comedy routines, his announcement that he's "Ocho Cinco", etc. I'm one that Lewis grouped inside a large class of people that are now turning their backs to Chad not wasting their time defending him. It is what it is and Lewis is right. He put himself in this position.

This is what I found most interesting: "We've been dealing with this inside for over a year and we'll be prepared to move on," Lewis said.

I know what some of you are thinking -- my mind drifted there also. Why didn't we do something about that? Mend fences. Trade. Whatever. Admit it, you were thinking that.