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Tying up loose ends for Friday

We first wanted to point out that on April 23, 2008, this web site will go through a massive change which includes -- though not limited to -- graphical redesign, network-wide memberships, a better commenting system and a revolutionary shift from what you know of as "diaries". Go to our intra-city sports brothers, Red Reporter to get an idea how it will appear. In fact, if you're a general Cincinnati sports fan (Reds and Bengals specifically), go there anyway and praise the play of youngsters Jeff Keppinger, Johnny Cueto, Joey Votto, Mike Lincoln, Jared Burton, Edinson Volquez and the additions of Francisco Cordero and Jeremy Affeldt while Ken Griffey Jr. works towards 600.

Moving on with obligatory Chad Johnson reference.

Both Paul Daughterty and Chick Ludwig take Chad Johnson to task. Check out the comment where one reader asks Ludwig -- someone that's paid to cover that team daily -- why he won't butt out of the team's business. I'm not sure if that's just to defend Chad or a startling lack of intelligence. Either wouldn't surprise me.

Chicago Sports' David Haugh thinks it would be a bad idea if the Bears went after Ocho ______ (fill in whatever works best for you).

Moving on with SB Nation Mock Draft reference.

On Thursday, Mocking the Draft published my part of our second round pick, Pat Sims. That gives us Keith Rivers and Sims this year.