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Oh dear god, not another Chad Johnson post

Yeap, another one. Rumors are that the Dallas Cowboys are in play trading for a front line wide receiver -- like, for example, Chad Johnson. Roy Williams and Anquan Boldin were named as "potential" acquisitions -- via trade -- in Charean Williams' latest. What made me stop and ponder another Chad Johnson trade post, which I'm sure it more annoying than Fox News running their daily Brittany Spears report, is this blurb in Mark Curnutte's latest piece. "Rumors persist that Johnson could be traded to Philadelphia or Dallas." It just doesn't seem that Johnson to Dallas will die. Though I suspect the "rumor" is mostly beat writers throwing around potential trades rather than word behind the scenes. And to answer a question in another post's comment, if Chad sits, then he receives no compensation -- though I'm not sure if he'd contribute to a cap hit if he sits out. I've always found it ironic that a player threatens to sit out for more money but risks not getting paid at all -- like losing a $250,000 work out bonus. Makes you realize just how spoiled we all are when that money could be split up for ten families just to make ends meet. But we don't care about them, do we?

We've heard this song and dance in the NFL before. Player sits out because he wants more money. It's not just Chad either. In fact, Chad has actively promoted that it's not about money -- though not a soul in the world truly believes him. If he got a new deal, he'd be promoting how great the Bengals are, we know it. We hear that a player will miss his camps and even threaten to sit out during the season. Threats. Threats. Threats. And it rarely ever happens. The team either submits and gives the player a new deal or they simply trade him away. How many instances have the players actually sat out and the team said, "fine"? The entire thing spirals out of control (ala baseball) and all parties are to blame (owners, agents and players).

The Bengals have taken that position now. Retire or play. There's your two options. Hopefully the Bengals hold to their guns just to show that we can stand up to the growing generation of "me" players to crush the perception that Lewis allows a reckless locker room with free double standard gift baskets. A perception that he's brought on himself. Though I don't anticipate that happening. If -- and I continue to stress the word "if" because there's little word that one is actually in the works -- the Bengals trade Johnson, then it's going to happen on Draft day. The Cowboys pick twice in the first round -- 22nd and 28th -- giving them the opportunity to use one on Johnson. To me, a first round draft pick would be a small price to pay for the talents and production of Chad Johnson. At least over an unproven rookie. Also consider that Lewis is pounding into us that the Bengals will be a more physical run oriented football team. If true, and the team becomes more balanced, it would give the Bengals offense the opportunity to let Johnson go with minimal impact.

Moving on ...

In mid-March, we talked about the possibility that Ryan Fitzpatrick could be offered a deal from the Green Bay Packers with the sudden retirement of Brett Favre. Curnutte wrote Wednesday that the Packers "might" be interested. Fitzpatrick was a seventh round pick in 2005 which would be the team's compensation if they fail to match the offer.