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Odell Thurman is back, reinstated by the NFL

It was first reported on July 13, 2006, that Bengals middle linebacker, Odell Thurman would miss the season's first four games for violating the league's substance abuse policy. On September 25, Odell Thurman was pulled over and charged with a DUI extending his four game suspension to a full season (the irony here is that he was pulled over driving Chris Henry's SUV). It was reported on July 26, 2007, that Odell wouldn't be reinstated and thus spending another full season suspended -- thus the name was born, Chancellor Goodell.

649 days and a 15-17 record later (three times the losses than Thurman has experienced in his NFL career, ironically), Odell Thurman is officially reinstated into the NFL.

As for the draft, this could be the curve ball the team needs to draft other positions -- provided that either Brooks or Thurman can transition to outside linebacker, or use both over the middle for 3-4 sets. An imposing, and exciting as hell, thought. However, until Odell can prove that he's able to come back at the level he played his rookie season, and Brooks can stop disappointing EVERYONE and stay on the field, it's just as likely that the tandem could crumble. Wait and see. But I'm a bright ray of sunshine. With Thurman returning, this could give the team a better shot at drafting a wide receiver earlier in the draft -- which was presumed anyway. It's all about comfort, yo. And perhaps soon, we can drop the Chancellor title. Not just yet, though.