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If Bengals acquire/draft a cornerback, it will be late's Sal Paolantonio wrote a blistering piece against DeAngelo Hall with the overall theme that Cornerbacks are one of the most overpaid positions in the league. Though we think the category of "overpaid" should be given to the top six or seven drafted players that find, not work for, massive guaranteed dollars. One of our own wrote that the Bengals should trade Chad Johnson and our 2009 first-round pick for Lito Sheppard and the Eagles #19 pick.

I'm not going to say that it's a good or bad idea. And while I think the Bengals will use one of their double-digit picks on a cornerback, it won't likely be until late Sunday. And mostly to seal depth, if improved talent over the guys listed #4 is available. Going into 2008 the Bengals will have three first-round talents at cornerback with Jonathan Joseph, Leon Hall and Deltha O'Neal. Two will start, the third will backup both and likely become the team's Nickel.

Sheppard is a fine player, no doubt. However, the Eagles have sat on Sheppard playing other NFL teams for the best return, most likely a first round pick. And whether it's to increase Sheppard's value or the realization that having Sheppard team with Asante Samuel might be the team's best course, it would seem that the Eagles are content holding onto him.

If the Bengals go after a cornerback during this weekend's NFL Draft, it will be because they are convinced that it be an improvement over personal foul ace, Blue Adams. Even so, the scenario exists that if the team doesn't draft a cornerback late, they'll have a pool of undrafted free agents to choose from.