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No Ellis? Reported Trade Possibility Between Ravens and Saints

Consider that the Bengals draft ninth, taking 10 minutes between selections and the draft starting at 3 p.m., their first selection should happen around 4:30 p.m. It's likely, if he's there, that the Bengals will turn to Sedrick Ellis. Though there's reports that the Patriots are interested -- while I'm not sure why.

We also have to keep our eye on the Saints who are, apparently, in talks with the Baltimore Ravens to swap their first-round picks. That would push the Saints one slot ahead of the Bengals while Baltimore has no concerns of the Bengals or the Saints going after Matt Ryan -- if he's still around. Provided Matt Ryan is even wanted. It's actually a smart move by the Ravens because they'll pay less for a franchise quality quarterback while the Saints would target Ellis -- a position they've been outspoken about needing. The biggest hurdle for the Ravens is the Atlanta Falcons who desperately need a quality quarterback. UPDATE: The PFT guys write that Adam Schefter reports that the Falcons will select Matt Ryan.

There is good news out of the Rams camp reportedly picking Chris Long.