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Levi Jones is Asking for a Trade Too?

The one problem about not having the NFL Network, is that I have to rely on other sources to pick up their insider information. Anyway the PFT guys write that the NFL Network's Adam Schefter reports that Levi Jones is asking for a trade because of disagreements with the coaching staff. Perhaps reported needs to draft an offensive lineman was leaked based on this knowledge. In other words, we're guessing the trade demand came weeks ago if not sooner.

To me, this is a surprise. The Bengals gave Levi Jones a six-year deal worth $40 million and $16.3 million in guaranteed money in late July 2006. Soon after that, the Bengals signed Willie Anderson to a five-year contract extension worth $32 million. Now Levi wants out and no one in the world expects Willie Anderson to play much longer. And an apparent trend in the NFL is developing. Players sign contracts with tons of guaranteed money that allows players to pick up big money without crushing the cap. Once that money is used up, and the player goes to base salaries which are considerably lower, then players demand trades. Obviously, Jones is complaining about the coaching staff rather than the money. Blah, blah, blah.

In my opinion, signing both Willie and Levi to long-term deals forcing Eric Steinbach out, is still the biggest folly by this front office during the Marvin Lewis era.