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Monday morning draft hangover

This site questions when the Bengals will learn after the team drafted defensive tackle Jason Shirley in the fifth round.

Matt Sherry will join Brian Westbrook (RB, Eagles), Raymond Ventrone (S, Patriots), Christian Gladdis (C, Bills) and Brian Finneran (WR, Falcons) as players currently in the NFL drafted out of Villanova.

Newest Bengals safety Corey Lynch recorded 111 tackles and picked off six passes leading App State to their third straight Division 1-AA National Championship. Lynch was named the Southern Conference Defensive player of the year.

This site doesn't care for the Jerome Simpson draft pick rather fond of more known players as told to us by ESPN. It's awkward when people conclude that a player must produce on the field until fans approve. Isn't that always the case?

Mark Curnutte makes a similar case, without using words that could actually make people think that he has an opinion. But at least Mark didn't explain to us that fans won't accept the pick until he actually produces on the field. Curnutte gave the Bengals a B-minus/C-plus.

At least it isn't worse than this.

Jerome Simpson is the second player drafted out of Coastal Carolina. The other was Tyler Thigpen who was drafted by the Vikings and now plays for the Chiefs. Quinton Teal also plays in the NFL as an undrafted free agent with the Carolina Panthers.

Jason Shirley still has a May 21 court appearance in Fresno County from an October 8 incident that earned him three misdemeanor charges.