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Bengals start signing CFA, waive one and more on Simpson

It's that time of year when undrafted college free agents get bullied into contracts without the power of negotiation. Fantastic. "This is the only deal you're getting, so you might as well sign it." The Bengals signed Ty Whaley (FB, OSU) to become the new Chris Manderino while the team will likely bring on more players before the week is out. Safety Nick Turnbell has already been waived. Mark Curnutte reports that the Bengals supposedly signed UC Bearcats, Bradley Glatthaar (RB) and Anthony Hoke (DE).

More on Simpson. Former Division 1-AA opponent Corey Lynch said of Simpson.

"He has the speed, he has the length, he has the jumping ability, the hands. He's the complete package. When I played him, I remember he made a catch that was on the 'number one play of the week' on ESPN the week before we played him. He's a very, very good player that's coming out of 1-AA."

But Chick might have the best point over the weekend for those of you twisting and turning in your sleep from the Simpson pick.

I got some good news for you via email from an NFL coach and personal friend of mine that I received upon reporting to Paul Brown Stadium on Sunday, April 27.

“Rest easy on Simpson. I loved him. Great character, competitor, tough. Has the unique ability to “high point” all throws, excels at attacking the deep ball. Has not been asked to block at all. Big question is acclimation into the Chad Johnson Big Top. Probably reached one round early for him, but I think everyone is going to be happy in 2-3 years.”