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Chad Johnson Responds to Marvin Lewis' Comments

If there's anyone that suspects that Chad Johnson is a "team player", surely, Johnson's recent interview on SportsCenter changes that.

By my count, Chad referenced himself (either through "I", "me" or in third person), 28 times. When asked what he's going to do when mandatory camps come around, he'll "show up and embarrass everyone that tried to color me". Whatever that means.

Chad says he's all about making people "like me, the player", but now he claims he doesn't care. Personally, we feel that Chad Johnson should just keep quiet -- especially after this. When he speaks, our retinas burn by the light he casts upon himself. And we're not talking about Bengals fans. Nope. We're talking about the NFL community. There are those that say Chad "just wants to win" but on a bad team -- a team that's he's a marquee player on. Given the chance in a playoff game to win, he's the center of attention with headlocks, black eyes and wild punches -- supposedly. Based on his historical performance and the percentage of the overall salary cap allotment going to Chad, one has to wonder why he's not helping the team win. Does he not care? Is he too involved with himself that helping the team win is secondary? Does he think the team should win and he should do whatever he wants anyway? Though he was quick to point out there he's a five-time Pro Bowl receiver.

For those of you that honestly believe that he just wants to win, c'mon. If he "wants to win", then surely the receiver that puts up gaudy stats can, you know, pick up a first down on fourth rather than stepping out of bounds. Perhaps catch a critical third down pass. Or perhaps, just perhaps, forgetting for a moment a personal desire to have people like him. However, if a player truly wants to win, then more times than not, they say little about it off the field and assure it happens on the field.

And a personal note to everyone. Sorry we have to have another Chad post.