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With Henry's release, Chad becomes Bengals idiot

The Pro Football Talk guys provide their take on Chris Henry.

Marvin Frazier (Chris Henry's agent) expressed thanks -- appearing as a father figure to Henry in that he's apologetic to those that he screwed over -- by saying:

"I just want to say that we're sorry this all happened, and we will continue to try to work to help Chris," Frazier said. "I do want to thank the Cincinnati Bengals -- Mike Brown, [coach] Marvin Lewis and everyone -- for all they have done to try to help this young man. Many of them have gone beyond the call of duty."

Chad? Well, Chad is an idiot.

"Are you sure? Man, they can't let him go. That dude is good. He's very, very good," Johnson said on 1050 ESPN New York.

"We need him. Those are not easy shoes to fill, regardless of the trouble he has gotten into in the past," Johnson said.

What's this "we" crap thinking he's some "team guy"? Get out of here. The bad thing for Chad is that the guy that makes him look better by comparison was released Thursday. Now, he can claim town idiot. Considering that Mike Brown set that standard pretty high -- and Mark Mallory's well placed fastball during 2007's opening day is right up there -- it's the one thing that Chad Johnson can hang his "accomplishment" mantel on. Being an idiot and catching a few footballs when the game isn't on the line is about all the NFL community thinks you're good for. And they're right.

Through all this, I feel really bad for Carson Palmer. He'll be bombarded with questions regarding Henry and Johnson. Palmer, as he always does, will do the right thing and talk about "team guys" that actually do make football worth paying for. And clearly, Palmer will work with less talent, but the team will be worth cheering for. As of now, if Johnson remains with this team -- and plays -- there's no scenario I see that makes rooting for the Bengals worth my efforts. And that's the saddest part of this whole thing.