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Following up with T.J. is sour post

Just a quick follow up to the T.J. Houshmandzadeh post we wrote. We figured his comments were a bit sour after the team drafted three wide receivers in a Geoff Hobson piece. The poll associated with the post, for the most part, didn't think that T.J. was being sour and that we were just simply reading into it way too much. Thanks, Chad for our heightened suspicion of things.

This NFL Network interview with T.J. reflecting on the draft made note that Marvin Lewis came to Houshmandzadeh before the draft to let him know that the team was drafting a few receivers. Of all things, however, it doesn't seem that T.J. is anything but T.J. He doesn't appear frustrated that contract talks are slowing or how the Bengals are dealing with Chad Johnson -- though T.J. did say that Chad isn't a leader. Which we kinda knew already.