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As the Bengals turn -- arrests, police escorts and idiots. Oh my.

In every sense of the word, this week was a disaster for the Jack Brennan PR machine. Chris Henry was arrested and subsequently waived. After spending two nights in jail, with a $51,000 bond, Henry was released to house arrest -- only work allowance to leave is word (ironically).

Then Chad Johnson spoke -- in what has to be the most embarrassing SportsCenter interview in recent memory. Even Drew Rosenhaus shakes his head -- though most of us suspect "Oil Slick" is the architect to Chad's self-imposed character suicide.

Then it was reported that Domata Peko and Chris Perry, along with Henry, caused a ruckus at a nightclub called Bang. Word has it that the players were buying expensive hundred-dollar bottles of alcohol (not sure exactly what) and breaking them over their own knees in an effort to "show off". Of course, guys like Peko and Perry must recognize that showing off on the field has rewarded few impressions. So this is how they get their cheers, I suppose. Keep in mind though, this is unsubstantiated heard from people that claim were there. Take it for what it is. Whatever they were doing, they were quickly escorted out with the help of local police. There won't be any likely legal action so it's a closed case -- even through the Chancellor's office.

It was even reported for a time that Chad Johnson was apart of the Bang group. However, Jack Brennan -- the hardest working staff member with the Bengals organization -- said that Chad wasn't around. Though Brennan is mostly telling us this because Chad said he wasn't there. Believe him? I don't know. Seems to me that the one way Chad could get his way out of Cincinnati is doing whatever it takes to embarrass the team so Marvin Lewis and the front office completely lose their patience.