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After releasing Quincy Wilson, running back seems a bit unstable

In somewhat of a surprising move, the Bengals waived running back Quincy Wilson Monday -- the second player released from the character driven West Virginia University. Rich Rodriguez goes to Michigan and Michigan fans are pumped. Seriously.

Wilson, once departed and returned, leaves the Bengals running back position somewhat confusing. Whatever do you mean? Let's list our running backs signed for 2008 and why the position can be a story of two tales.

  1. Rudi Johnson. Mark Curnutte is pretty pumped about Rudi Johnson's ambition to improve on his 2006-7 seasons. Forgive all of us when we say, "we will see". What we know of Johnson is that he's getting worse with each carry.
  2. Chris Perry. Seriously. Will he ever carry a ball without a break, a tear or a tweak? If he can remain healthy, the Bengals have a tremendous weapon on offense. Sadly, not a soul in Cincinnati believes he could play a 16-game season.
  3. Kenny Irons. Plenty of questions about how well a running back can recover after shredding a knee.
  4. Kenny Watson. The team's most productive running back in 2007 and the likely feature back if none of the above can't overcome perceptions.
  5. DeDe Dorsey. A surprise in 2007 that could become the team's best third down option if two-carry Perry can't avoid injury in 2008.

Sad, if you ask me. With so many questions at running back, it makes you wonder if the Bengals will go after a running back in the NFL Draft.