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Oil Slick and Marvin were certainly talking about the success of the Reds

Peter King had this take/observation regarding a "meeting" between Oil Slick and Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis:

2. I think this is the scene at the NFL meetings that few who saw it will soon forget. Agent Drew Rosenhaus, who is trying to engineer a hostile takeover of Chad Johnson's status with the Cincinnati Bengals and force a trade, was in close conversation with Cincinnati coach Marvin Lewis. Rosenhaus was gesturing and speaking quickly while Lewis stood straight up, arms folded across his chest, looking stern and mostly saying nothing. It went on for a few minutes, and Lewis kept his arms folded with a stone face.

It's obvious that Rosenhaus was saying something to the effect of, Marvin, come on. You know the guy's not coming back, and you know you can wangle a low first-round pick for Chad from someone like Dallas. And you know Lewis' body language was saying, Forget you, Drew. Chad's not going anywhere.

Lewis is on the record regarding Chad: "It's unfortunate that he's put himself in this situation," the coach said, "because a lot of people who really had affection for him now see him in a different light.''

I still say Johnson's gone, but not until late in the preseason, when the Bengals will tire of the headache and dump him to the highest bidder.

Ironically, while Peter King gives the Bengals constant condemnation regarding their behavior -- mostly DUIs -- he turns a blind eye to quarterback-turned-awful Matt Leinart, questioning the age of girls drinking at the same party while condemning gossip style websites. That, my friend, is the very meaning of double standard. Actually, I think we saw a triple standard. Only a King can make a triple standard exist.