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Bengals cut two linebackers

With Keith Rivers, and the obvious return of Odell Thurman, the Bengals linebacker corp. was starting to get crowded. It was unlikely that the Bengals would take all 13 linebackers (including unsigned Keith Rivers and Angelo Craig) into training camp. On Thursday, they waived Anthony Schlegel and Roy Manning -- two linebackers that I didn't think stood a chance at winning a roster spot. Manning signed a one-year deal in mid-March. Curnutte writes that the Bengals will be taking 10 linebackers into training camp assuming they get Rivers signed. In reality, the Bengals could have 11 with Angelo Craig -- who could just as easily be a "tweener" (played DE and OLB in college), but it's more likely Craig will be a defensive end rather than a linebacker simply due to the amount of linebackers on roster.

  1. Ahmad Brooks
  2. Rashad Jeanty
  3. Dhani Jones
  4. Keith Rivers (unsigned)
  5. Odell Thurman
  6. Eric Henderson
  7. Daryl Blackstock
  8. Brandon Johnson
  9. Corey Mays
  10. Jim Maxwell