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Shaun Alexander visiting Bengals on Monday

Geoff Hobson writes that the Bengals will be hosting Shaun Alexander on Monday. Jim Steiner, Alexander's agent, is quoted as saying "Shaun wants to get an idea how the Bengals would use him and I'm sure the Bengals would like to talk to him."

My guess. Not much. If the Bengals do sign Alexander, then they'd likely cut Rudi Johnson. Rudi Johnson is scheduled to make $3.2 million in base pay and cutting him would actually be a cap savings of just under $3 million -- which could be applied to Alexander on a short-term deal. This is the second to last season under contract for Johnson.

Sure, it would drive both men to be the best and win the spot. Both backs sported a small yards-per-carry average last season in an off-year for both men.

Like someone said on these pages, it's a potential feel good story (how did that work out for Griffey?), but there's really no benefit that the Bengals could have with Alexander and Rudi.