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Bengals linebacker allegedly punched woman in face

The Enquirer is reporting that a woman is making claim that Bengals middle linebacker, Ahmad Brooks punched her in the face. Brooks is summoned answer the allegations in Boone District Court on June 6. (hat tip, Beer Run). Apparently, Brooks was having an argument with a neighbor when:

Brooks told the neighbor that he was going to “split his head open,” Rosich wrote in her statement.

That when she “nicely approached” Brooks and asked him to stop and “take it somewhere else,” according to the statement.

“He then pulled back his fist and struck (punched) me in the left eye,” Rosich wrote. “I then fell and blacked out.”

This will be interesting to see if the Bengals follow their self-imposed zero tolerance policy after a draft that was praised for high character (yet, questioned for taking Jason Shirley). This comes after the Bengals cut two linebackers -- not related to character issues -- and Chris Henry (related to character issues).

Last year, an assault claim was made against Odell Thurman and Chris Henry on separate incidents that were later dropped.