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Monday Morning Links

Some believe that Chad Johnson's off-season will define the 2008 season. However, he's not losing much in the way of endorsements, yet.

Purify was the latest target for those that love to pounce on the Bengals for picking up "character risks". It was the wide receiver that convinced the team to give him a try.

Chick Ludwig believes that Keith Rivers deserves to wear No. 55.

Big C Holmes is the latest apologist over Chris Henry asking him if the Bengals cut him after his fifth arrest. HIS FIFTH.

What if Henry, who pled not guilty, is indeed innocent in this alleged incident? Was the Bengals' release of the receiver premature?

According to Henry, he wasn't given the opportunity to explain what took place the night in question before being released and was surprised to learn that he was no longer on the team.

Knowing the player like I do, Henry is a young man with a caring heart, and that has been his ultimate downfall. He's a guy who wants to be there for everyone, but no one is there for him.

Let me get my violin out.