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Bengals have interesting linebacker combinations

The starting gun you hear marks the start for voluntary camps -- the first of 12 practices. Linebacker is one of many positions where we're just not sure who will start, or even play.

The biggest story, thus far, is the return of Odell Thurman. The two questions are "where does he go?" and "will he even be ready?" Does he play middle linebacker like he did in 2005 nearly winning the defensive player of the year award? Personally, I think the Bengals would be foolish to not to play Thurman in the middle. He's our most talented linebacker, save Keith Rivers who we haven't seen play in a Bengals uniform yet.

Ahmad Brooks showed he can pass the rusher -- though mostly through the center. Do you put him in during passing downs in a 3-4 configuration overloading one side with Robert Geathers and Antwan Odom? Will Brooks even be with the team after accusations were made that he punched a woman? Will Rivers play weak-side and Dhani Jones strong-side? Where does that leave Rashad Jeanty? Will Jeanty beat out Jones and force Jones to back up and Special Teams?

From now until kickoff weekend, the Bengals certainly need to know where their pieces fall at linebacker.