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Bengals won't sign Alexander if Perry and Rudi impress coaches

Shaun Alexander was named the 2005 NFL MVP, the 2005 AP Offensive Player of the Year, the 2005 FedEx Ground NFL Player of the year and winning the Best Record Breaking Performance and Best NFL Player at the ESPY's. Alexander rushed for 132 yards on 34 carries in the 2005 NFC Championship game. In March (2006), Alexander became the highest paid running back in NFL history signing an eight-year, $62 million contract.

So who would have thought at the time that the Bengals wouldn't sign Alexander because they believe Chris Perry is back. Nevermind the constant injuries and the relaxed exhale when Perry stands up after being tackled. Nevermind the risk that the Bengals are taking hoping that Rudi Johnson is beef-cake. BEEFCAKE! It's the story of running back's who seemingly degrade so quickly that they become average quickly. Perhaps it's contract fulfillment. Perhaps it's simply being beaten up so much that you hesitate. Perhaps it's just age -- save for the elites in the game, age cripples running backs quickly.

I won't pretend to know. But when you look back, with the season that Alexander had, it was crazy to think that Chris Perry would deny his return home.

Here's the added interest. Alexander isn't just unsigned, but there appears to be zero interest in the league for him. The Saints were interested, but it was reportedly a fact finding visit. Perhaps things will change once camp breaks. Like is Perry truly ready? Is Rudi Johnson "returned"? We'll see. As of now, the Bengals are pretty content with who they have at running back.