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Examining the Bengals secondary

Since we already determined, with mad Nostradamus skillz, which players the Bengals will likely keep on the defensive line and at linebacker. Let's use our prophesy skills for defensive backs. In 2006 and 2007, the Bengals kept five cornerbacks. Let's name those that will likely be on the 2008 roster.

  1. Johnathan Joseph
  2. Leon Hall
  3. Deltha O'Neal
  4. Blue Adams
  5. David Jones

Now, little is known of Simeon Castille and he could be just as likely to win a spot over Jones. I'm sure that spot on the depth chart will be mostly who contributes greater on special teams.

At safety:

  1. Marvin White
  2. Chinedum Ndukwe
  3. Corey Lynch
  4. Dexter Jackson
  5. Herana-Daze Jones
  6. Ethan Kilmer (if the team keeps six)
  7. John Busing (unlikely)

There's been ideas propagated that the Bengals would release O'Neal before the season (for being disgruntled negatively influencing the younger players). That would seem very unlikely with guys like David Jones and Blue Adams to fight over the spot -- would you feel comfortable with either?

On the other hand, Dexter Jackson might not be so fortunate. His biggest strength is his leadership and veteran presence. Think about it, aside from Jackson, the Bengals will likely start two sophomores in White and Ndukwe. Kilmer will be entering his third season, Jones his fourth. Both are likely special teams players. Other than Willie Anderson and Michael Myers, Jackson's 10th season makes him one of the most experienced veterans on the team. The argument could be made that the Bengals will keep Jackson and release Busing and Kilmer to make room for White, Ndukwe, Jackson, Lynch and Jones -- the last two being special teams players. There's also the possibly that Busing or Kilmer could move to corner to help solidify that spot.

Regardless, the Bengals secondary is much more in the air than the front seven.