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Friday morning links

First things, first. I had a shocking death in the family Wednesday and would like to let you guys know that my participation and contributions will be sporadic. If things happen, and I don't post them, you're more than welcome to act as contributor in the FanPosts (on the right). If you have ideas, discussions or whatever else, post them. I'll log in and promote the stories to the main section so we keep things rolling. This will need to be a team effort for awhile. I appreciate whatever contributions (content) that you guys put out.

Kevin Goheen analyzes the Bengals secondary.

Ahmad Brooks recovery isn't going as well as he'd like. As a result, the team is keep him off the field so he can continue recovering. Which, of course, hurts him because it appears that Brooks will be learning a new positions (SAM).

The Bengals supposed "new" defense (likely a base with four down linemen) will actually be a married defense that the Bengals and Falcons used last year.

Carson Palmer is just one of many that are excited after seeing Perry on the field, saying. "He's such a threat out of the backfield. We just don't know how good he can really be because he hasn't put together an entire year and stayed healthy."

And Palmer isn't worried one bit about Chad Johnson and T.J. Houshmandzadeh doing their own personal things during OTAs. "I'm happy and excited to be back on the field myself, whether they're here or not. I'm excited to be back with these guys, the guys that are here." That's definitely the team leader.

Chris Henry chatted with Adam Schein and Soloman Wilcox this week. While he said that he and Pacman Jones are like brothers, have learned from their mistakes, yada, yada, yada, he also said, "Only I know that I really ain’t in the wrong for anything. I’m fine. I’m kind of hurt being released from the Bengals because I really did think I was going to be here for a long time."