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Chad to do a Kobe Bryant (no, not that)

Is there any doubt that Chad Johnson will sit out the regular season? Most of us figure that once his paychecks start knocking at his door, that he'll be on his way. Even though he missed six-figure bonuses for his little character-suicide campaign, Johnson isn't dumb enough to sit out demanding more guaranteed money while missing money that he'd be guaranteed to have.

In truth, however, nothing has been said. He still maintains that he won't play another down for the Bengals. Once NFL draft weekend passed, his yap went quiet -- for the most part. Chick Ludwig made a plausible comparison with Johnson and Kobe Bryant.

Kobe, who spent last offseason causing off-the-court drama with trade requests and public bickering with management, turned all those negatives into positives. He stayed in L.A., became the NBA's Most Valuable Player and is trying to lead the Lakers to their 15th NBA championship.

From bleak to bliss, the Lakers' season has been nothing short of amazing. Kobe could've torn the team apart. Instead, he became the glue that held it together. He got the help he was longing for when the Lakers acquired Pau Gasol, and Kobe became what one L.A. journalist called "an approachable leader playing the best basketball of his career."

We're just not sure if Johnson, with Oil Slick whispering in his ear, is modest enough to put that all aside. He seems to be in the position that if he submits, then he'll just view himself as a weakling. Oh, and there's that whole lockerroom chemistry thing.