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Wednesday Morning Links

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In Hobson's latest, he makes an interesting observation with Daniel Coats making reps at fullback. Along with Reggie Kelly, the Bengals could have as many as four tight ends on roster with two playing an H-Back/Full Back type of role. Which makes you wonder, where's Jeremi Johnson?

With Thurman's release, Dhani Jones appears to be the front runner for MLB with Keith Rivers (WILL) and Ahmad Brooks (SAM) flanking. Rashad Jeanty figures to compete for the SAM spot.

Dave makes the case that releasing Odell Thurman has weakened the linebackers -- which I completely agree and a major point of mine (Dave actually examines linebackers as a whole, not Thurman). Even though Lewis is, in bits and pieces, claiming that releasing Thurman was missing work, not during OTAs, but throughout the off-season since January.

Even though most reports state that Eric Henderson has been working at defensive end during voluntaries, Mark Curnutte states that Henderson is still an option at linebacker.

Chick Ludwig called Thurman "high risk, high reward". I suppose there's a point to that. But I'll maintain his risk is actually overstated. He was suspended four games prior to the 2006 season then caught with a DUI. What's happened since? Though I still maintain those two incidents as the reason for a two-year suspension was because the Chancellor was high on power enforcing his conduct policy that did little to stem players from making trouble.

Even though Hobson called wide receiver Jerome Simpson a "scaredy cat" because he was too nervous to meet T.J. Houshmandzadeh at the NFL Rookie Premiere in Los Angeles, there's a lot to look forward to.

Arm Chair GM says the Bengals offense will be worse because Chad Johnson "helping his team AT ALL". We disagree. While Chad is a fine receiver with gaudy numbers, in games that he's been needed the most, he's disappears anyway. We were a bit surprised in this conclusion that we shouldn't be surprised that Carson Palmer's go-to guy would become T.J. Houshmandzadeh this year. Huh?!

Metro services, starting this month, could be restricted from providing transportation to and from Bengals games -- and other events. The point, as per the FTA, is to allow private services to compete for bids so public services aren't impacted.

In NFL News... Chancellor Roger Goodell hopes that fining teams because of player's that violate the conduct policy, will help stem player's conduct, since the "crack down" discipline hasn't done much. Do you know what else they are talking? Hair on players and sedating rowdy fans.