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Closing the book on Odell Thurman

I shuttered when I read Lewis' latest comments regarding the death of Odell Thurman's grandmother as the reason he wasn't in camp: "His grandmother's been buried for quite a while." Undoubtedly, Lewis is tired of questions regarding Thurman. Even though Thurman acquired recent unemployment status (his own doing, blah, blah, blah), Lewis and the team invited these questions, and in some part, hostility, on themselves.

Those around Lewis tried to get some answer that would, at least, exonerate the head coach from the negative mood against the Bengals. Ironically, the negative press could play directly into Chad Johnson's hands: See what they do, see? Why would I want to play here? True, Thurman brought it upon himself. True, the Bengals lost a highly talented linebacker that, if played, would have been a tremendous asset. True, Thurman not showing up for OTA's are likely a fraction of what Lewis is trying to insinuate without actually saying anything. Why he struggles to clear things up for us idiots, is beyond me. Though one can make the argument that Lewis has no need to answer to the fans (an extension of the press). Which is, in all likelihood, his mind set.

Truly, it's over. Lewis has no reason to explain anything -- and to some degree, he's right. Odell Thurman and his agents/representatives are still debating on whether to file a grievance (if so, we'll reopen the Thurman file). And if teams like the Dallas Cowboys would trade for Saints like Pacman Jones, then I'm sure Thurman won't be unemployed for long.