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Would you pay $175 for a... burger?

This here cheeseburger would cost you $175. That's equal to five beers at Paul Brown Stadium, three gallons of unleaded fuel but less than a barrel of oil ($134 at time publishing). The Wall Street Burger Shoppe raised the original cost ($150) so they could have the "costliest burger in the city."

“Our burger is not about the price,” said Georgette Farkas, a Boulud spokeswoman. “If you are making something concerned only about the price, you are off in the wrong direction.”

While it's mostly done for fun (i.e., they also have $4 burgers with one less slice of cheese in their coach class section), they claim to sell between 20-25 burgers per month completely proving that there's too many people in this world with too much money on their hands. Though we know that Chad Johnson wouldn't dare have one. Not because he eats McDonalds more than fish eat worms, but because he couldn't afford it!