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Friday morning links and notes

A list of players not at OTA Wednesday. Chad Johnson, T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Levi Jones, Willie Anderson and Rudi Johnson. Dexter Jackson, Kenny Watson and Chris Perry were in attendance but did not participate.

Right now, I'm listening to Metallica's S&M with the San Francisco Symphony. Yes, I'm old school. But I love the mixture of metal and symphony. Adds a killer dynamic. Moving on...

"You'd hope that a guy like Chad and a guy like T.J. would be here helping guys out and trying to make the team better in that way," Palmer said. "But they've got to handle their own business themselves, too." Palmer is starting to express frustration with the absence of Chad and T.J. Not that either receiver really gives a damn. But it's good to hear the team's leader using his mouth for more than John Morrell ads. I kid, I kid.

Dave just doesn't see this team improving with all the problems we've had this off-season ranging from Chad Johnson, a super-secret campaign by T.J. with no intentions to re-sign, (my words, not his) to releasing Thurman.

Dhani Jones is the team's leading candidate to become the starting Middle Linebacker. "I admire the Bengals ... and I thank them." We're not sure he appreciates the team giving him a chance, or cutting Thurman. Either way, I'm sure Jones will be a serviceable MLB much like Landon Johnson was.

Does it really help when teams get tee-shirts with "motivational" phrases or words? Like work, or Now? "He said in the first meeting that we have enough talent in the room — and he said, 'Right now' — to win the Super Bowl." Look I blog about the team so my love for the team is understood -- though I bitch about them more than not, but I'm working with my therapist on that. And I would love, just love, if the Bengals made the Super Bowl. But, yea.

In the same link above, Robert Geathers said of Antwan Odom: "He's really athletic. I didn't realize he could get off the ball as quick as he does."

Who Dey Revolution says "Let's not forget that Odell Thurman was a huge reason that we did not make the playoffs in 2006." At the same time, they conveniently left out that Thurman was just as much the reason the Bengals went to the playoffs in 2005. That year, we were a bad snap and a missed field goal away from making the playoffs for the second straight year. Blame that on special teams and horrible Chad Johnson performances down the stretch-run when he was needed the most. How can you criticize the Bengals continued selection of problem children and then, at the same time, get mad at them for releasing one after we've stuck with him for two years and gave him every chance to resurrect his career? Problem child is one thing. Thurman was just irresponsible (which I hardly call "problem child") with the worst case being a DUI. Thurman is like that kid in school that never turned in homework, failed exams and when he "earned" a C, mother would throw a shindig complete with bells, whistles and Pinatas. Again, I don't condone it (I have to say that or people go ape-shit about my point), but if you take Thurman's one run-in with the law, then he's hardly the model of problem child. Would you use the same adjective for a friend that was caught with a single DUI? I've made no secret that Thurman didn't just qualify the rule, he held exclusive rights to it. Problem child titles should go to guys with an armory in the basement, an affinity for hitting women or taking your posse and jumping someone outside a casino in Vegas (where's Porter's suspension, Chancellor?). Thurman was irresponsible and he was ultimately cut because the team didn't believe he was taking the steps necessary for the team. It had zero to do with any issues beyond the Chancellor's hard-on when he suspended both Henry and kept Thurman out of the league. This was a team thing, not a legal thing. It was irresponsibility. But generalizations is a big thing these days. If you're a naughty child, you get grouped with guys with lifetime sentences.