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Monday morning links and notes

This page runs through a list of "retarded things". One of them is when the Bengals cut Odell Thurman. Don't take the list too seriously. Any time you have Danica in a bikini labeled as "retarded" then you really hold no value to me.

Peter Warrick signed with the Montreal Alouettes (a CFL team).

Domata Peko will cohost the Cincinnati Bengals Taste of NFL on June 13 at 6:30 pm.

By the time you're reading this, Jason Shirley's lawyers should be well on his way for jury selection.

You know NFL writers are bored when they open a weekly feature talking about, Tavaris Jackson. This proves a point I've always maintained. Bored NFL writers, writing about nothing-going-on NFL off-season stuff, does more damage to the league's image than most violations of the conduct policy. As you'll note however, I don't make the point with fire and brimstone like others because you could logically group us in that same category. Moving on...

Dave takes a look at Bengals tight ends.

The Enquirer hasn't updated their Bengals blog "section" since introducing said Bengals blog "section" on May 22.