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Updating the Shaun Alexander file

Recently, I casually emailed John about any news pertaining to the rumor that the Broncos were interested in former Seahawks running back, Shaun Alexander. He didn't think there was enough substance to it. Bill Williamson confirmed that: "According to a Denver source, the former Seattle star running back is not on the Broncos' radar at this point although the notion isn't 100 percent dead." If the notion isn't 100% dead, wouldn't that mean it's still on the radar? Blah, semantics.

The Bengals appear disinterested with the exciting notion that Chris Perry will be healthy at the start of the season before going on IR. We wouldn't be surprised if Alexander doesn't get signed with anyone until deep into training camp when injuries could displace a team needing a proven back quickly.

The bigger question is this. What's worse: A bad internet connection or no internet at all? At least no internet, you can something else besides cursing and brooding when that damned globe sits mindless flipping you off.