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Chris Perry and Rudi Johnson are on the field "fully"

Mark Curnutte made note that Rudi Johnson and Chris Perry were fully participating in OTAs this week after missing "at least one workout last week". Running back is the most wide-range spectrum going into this season. As a combined unit, they could either be really good or really bad. Rudi Johnson could be much better than his degradation seasons of 2006-7, or worse. Chris Perry could either be injured often or not at all. Kenny Watson, a stabilizing force last season, just doesn't give the impression he's a long-term feature back. And DeDe Dorsey, while exciting as hell when he touched the ball, doesn't have a sample large enough for us to expect much, if anything.

Curnutte also noted that veterans Chad Johnson, T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Willie Anderson and Levi Jones weren't there -- which makes me question if anyone calls them leaders. But, it's voluntary sessions, right?