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Do you care that Chad Johnson owes $13,000 in taxes?

The entire world has their own impression/opinion on Chad Johnson's character-suicide campaign. Me? I just think he's an idiot for forcing so many people against him -- which is biting him hard. But when reports came out that Chad Johnson owed $13,000 in taxes to Hamilton County, I thought, why is that anyone's business? Did the report come out because Johnson is being an assclown, or lackey of Oil Slick for 2008? Did the report come out because he's high profile? It also makes you think that he's really really broke and just can't afford to pay that justifying (in his mind) that demanding more money makes sense -- though, if he were here picking up quarter million dollar roster bonuses, then he'd be fine. No sympathy here and concern for common sense or general intelligence rises.

Then you remember he didn't pay Sean Payton $1,600 in tickets on their little bet until we found out. You remember that Chad Johnson gave a car to his girlfriend, failed to give prizes to other winners, during a give-away at the Funny Bone. That went to court. So there is a history of irresponsibility there and perhaps that's why anyone would take notice.

And Johnson is completely to blame if people take the $13,000 owed in taxes against him vehemently. But is that really worth talking about? Of course, by now you see the irony (if not hypocrisy). I dedicated a full post asking if it's worth talking about.