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Will the league punish Jason Shirley after court? An update...

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While Jason Shirley is in court, a note was passed of a similar case violating the conduct policy while a player was still in college. Purdue Linebacker, Stanford Keglar, was drafted by the Tennessee Titans in last April's NFL Draft. Recently he went to court facing charges of battery, false informing and disorderly conduct. Provided he completes 20 hours of community service, the charges will be dropped. But it was this blurb that got my attention.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said the league would examine the case under the player conduct policy.

With that in mind, Shirley is dealing with similar circumstances in that he "violated" the conduct policy before signing an NFL contract -- which wouldn't be a violation in our opinion. The fact that Aiello confirmed that the league will "examine the case" has us thinking that the NFL could punish Shirley depending on how his case turns out.

As for a Shirley update, a local ABC News updates. Jason Sanchez is a witness in the case and claims that when Shirley crashed through the apartment, that "the force pushed him off the toilet." Granted, I'm still laughing. But this could be huge. If injury is determined in the wreck, that could give Shirley more time in prison if he's given maximum sentencing because of the difference between injury and simply just property damage. Shirley's primary defense is that he wasn't, in fact, drunk. His lawyer claims that he suffered a concussion three days prior to the offense. Still, the bottom line is that if Shirley is convicted, he could spend at least one year in jail.