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Bengals cut Doug Gabriel -- is Chatman next?

The Bengals were confident enough to release Doug Gabriel Thursday afternoon. With Gabriel cut, the Bengals have rising optimism with Marcus Maxwell and continued satisfaction with Glenn Holt. Gabriel brings our wide receiver total down to ten.

  1. Chad Johnson
  2. T.J. Houshmandzadeh
  3. Antonio Chatman
  4. Andre Caldwell
  5. Jerome Simpson
  6. Glenn Holt
  7. Marcus Maxwell
  8. Clyde Logan
  9. Travis Brown
  10. Maurice Purify

If I were a betting man (thankfully I'm not, I have too much of an addictive personality), my six would be Chad, T.J., Caldwell, Simpson, Maxwell and Holt. Why not Chatman? I suppose he has just as much chance as any of the bottom five, but I'm sure injury could force the Bengals hand to waive him. And it's not like his special teams play couldn't be supplement with talent on the roster.