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Friday night links and notes

Take a look at this. Solomon Wilcots tours with Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis around the training room and weight room. It's a good fun inside look.

The Bengals are going through a youth movement at wide receiver.

This writer believes that the Raiders should pursue Odell Thurman.

Sal Paolantonio believes that Marvin Lewis is "overrated". Not that we care what super-Eagles fan thinks, Sal makes the point that Lewis was a defensive "god" in Baltimore, was hired because of defensive godness but has failed to fulfill defensive prophesies. But this?

Critics of the Bengals are always quick to blame stingy ownership responsible for a bare bones scouting department that has drafted some of the worst problem children in recent NFL history. True enough.

Shesh. There's no doubt that I play the apologist role sometimes in that we condemn players while we do the exact same things they're busted for (I challenge anyone to tell me that they've NEVER had a drink and then drove that night). Perhaps that's why I have a big problem with Sal's statement. But "worst problem children" in recent NFL history? That's a rough statement. We're a bunch of drinkers and pot smokers. We haven't killed anyone (Rae Carruth), set up drug deals on our cell phone (Jamal Lewis), got a bit lucky on a murder charge (Ray Lewis)... etc.. Too damned holy for my tastes.