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Bengals blog threatened by team. Are you really surprised?

If you haven't seen this, then perhaps it might strike a dreadful trend. The Cincinnati Bengals have threatened another Cincinnati Bengals blog with a lawsuit because the site was using copyrighted photos and logos on their site.

We can't say we're surprised. The NFL in the past year have issued warnings and tightened policies about using their material. It was a basis of a post we wrote a few weeks back. And we're hardly surprised that the team would make an enemy of a fan-run site that, for the most part, promotes the team based on fanaticism -- which is in itself crazy because this team isn't all that successful (embarrassing and shaming would be better words). Though we'd advise to stripe hype that they shouldn't take it too personally. It's simply a nature of the business and we know that the Brown family is all about business -- not the actual game.