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Saints and Bengals are still front runners for Shaun Alexander

The Indianapolis Colts could be in discussions with Jim Steiner, Shaun Alexander's agent, writes Geoff Hobson. Which, of course, is probably an overstatement for an agent to increase the player's demands. Either way, Steiner says that he and his client will review their visits with the Cincinnati Bengals and New Orleans Saints to see where everyone is. While the Bengals haven't made an offer just yet, Stampede Blue writes that Dominic Rhodes is "likely back in the fold". That would "likely" knock Alexander out of the fold for the Colts. NFL Network's Adam Schefter has named the Denver Broncos as potentially interested.

To me, teams would be foolish to let two luke-warm teams interested in a former MVP running back to go without interest. This is, without a doubt, Alexander's season to either leave the NFL or build a second-wind for his career. He probably won't cost much because the demand just isn't out there.