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Sunday links and notes

ESPN's James Walker discusses Keith Rivers role with Cincinnati as a focused, determined leader that could become the face of a faceless Bengals defense.

Another rookie, Jerome Simpson (the second Bengals pick in the 2008 NFL Draft) is another positive player that has determination to be the best as his position.

Chick Ludwig doesn't see the Bengals re-signing T.J. Houshmandzadeh after this season because "T.J. is going to demand big bucks in the $5 million-per-year range". Dave discusses more in detail.

Rashad Jeanty tells everyone that expects Dhani Jones, Ahmad Brooks and Rivers to be the projected starters to settle down.

The Pro Football Talk guys suggest that Chad Johnson is going to "cave" and return to Cincinnati for mandatory mini camp in mid-June. A bit of advice to Chad: Return to your old self, help the Bengals win and then take your issues with management. Don't let us here about them anymore and we'll come to cheer your touchdowns and defend you among the anti-Chad population.