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Chad Johnson is in Cincinnati; at Paul Brown Stadium

Listening to "Cut Man" this morning, callers are making the claim that they "saw" Chad Johnson on a late flight into Cincinnati over the morning (well, minutes after midnight makes it morning, but we all know it's still night) from Atlanta in, get this, coach! We knew that Chad Johnson was having financial "problems", but the airline must have noticed him and thrown him up into first class. ESPN's John Clayton writes that the Bengals doubt Johnson will show:

Johnson going camping?: Most of the Bengals do not believe Chad Johnson will show up Thursday for the opening of minicamp. Even though Johnson has said he would be there, they still know he's unhappy. The bigger challenge will be guessing whether he shows up at training camp. Still, it's not out of the question for Johnson to pull a surprise of some sorts. He has a knack for the theater.

Surprise is right. Geoff "Butch" Hobson writes that Chad Johnson is in Paul Brown stadium. No word if T.J. Houshmandzadeh is there, as well as Levi Jones. All three have, in their own way, made it clear that they'd rather play somewhere else.

Now the question is this: Will Chad Johnson pull a Plaxico Burress -- show up for camp, but refuse to practice though he's already healthy?